Musicoin integration on MyEtherWallet, including Trezor support



The Musicoin Project is proud to announce integration with MyEtherWallet (MEW), a popular web-based cryptocurrency storage solution. MyEtherWallet offers users of the world’s first streaming blockchain service another option for interacting with and storing MUSIC, joining the platform’s own desktop wallet and the Coinomi mobile asset wallet.

Although MyEtherWallet is traditionally used to store Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens, Musicoin — which is a fork of Ethereum and not a token — required a custom network configuration within their system. Once you’ve created your wallet on MEW, access Musicoin’s special network by selecting “MUSIC (” from the dropdown in the upper right corner on the page.

MyEtherWallet requires no software download and can be accessed from any computer, however precautions must be carefully adhered to in order to prevent the loss of funds. Please refer to MyEtherWallet’s getting started guide for further details.

As with any web-based wallet, private key management is of utmost importance, and MEW’s greatest advantage is its support for the Trezor hardware wallet solution. Using a Trezor, your private keys do not risk a chance of being exposed online — all transactions are signed within the device itself. Users without a Trezor should follow MEW’s instructions setting up a new wallet here.


Musicoin (MUSIC) is a smart cryptocurrency and music streaming platform built upon the Musicoin blockchain. Musicians and listeners worldwide are encouraged to visit Musicoin’s official website at

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