Musicoin Project Releases Desktop Wallet v1.0



Today, the Musicoin Project has released the Musicoin Desktop Wallet v1.0, a feature-rich rework of their open source cryptocurrency wallet supporting the world’s first blockchain-based music streaming platform. And in a wallet first, a built-in audio player allows users to stream their favorite Musicoin tunes while they sync and move funds.

The colorful new release boasts a robust list of features and performance improvements in a much leaner package — reducing the blockchain download weight and sync time by more than 50%. As personal security is of utmost importance with all cryptocurrencies, mandatory private key backups are forced upon initial install.

“This is a complete rethink of how we envision our wallet as we move into Musicoin’s second year,” lead developer Varunram Ganesh says. “It’s been redesigned from the ground up, with an extreme focus on our users’ desires. As far as we know, this is the first crypto-wallet that plays great music and supports musicians at the same time.”

Eugene Gusev, another v.1.0 developer, adds, “This wallet adds great value to musicians who feel that current popular streaming services, labels, and corporations just steal their money. Musicoin really steps ahead here.”

A full listing of the wallet’s changelog can be viewed here.

Download the new wallet here.


Musicoin (MUSIC) is a smart cryptocurrency and music streaming platform built upon the Musicoin blockchain. Musicians and listeners worldwide are encouraged to visit Musicoin’s official website at

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