Musicoin to deliver keynote speech at 2018 MaMA Music Festival in Paris



The Musicoin Project is headed to Paris this October for the 2018 MaMA Music Festival and Convention. MaMA is an annual, three-day gathering that’s both a professional music convention and a multi-venue music showcase focused on new and emerging talent. For the past 18 years, it has played host to an eclectic group of international artists including legendary soul singer Charles Bradley, the cumbatronica/electropidub of Colombia’s Cero 39, and pounding late night DJ sets by France’s own Laurent Garnier and Birdy Nam Nam. This year’s lineup of 116 artists runs the gamut of styles from neoclassical piano (Alexandra Stréliski) to “electric blue witch-hop” (New Zealand’s Estère.)

But business comes first before the night’s parties. With three days of panels, workshops, and presentations by music industry leaders and innovators, MaMA Convention is also an opportunity for emerging artists to learn and network in an energetic creative environment.

Musicoin founder Isaac Mao will be delivering a keynote presentation at the MaMA Invent symposium at the historic Le Trianon on Wednesday, October 17 — a special event focused on emerging technologies and innovation in the music industry. Topics to be covered include Musicoin’s philosophy, achievements and milestones reached since entering the market in February of 2017, and an announcement of new developments that will help usher in the next steps of the platform’s evolution. Three-time Grammy-nominated producer Pascal Guyon — a Musicoin Ambassador and registered musician using the platform — will also be sharing his first-hand experiences as an artist.

Musicoin is more than the world’s first blockchain enabled music streaming service, it is a project that celebrates independent artists by empowering them to be heard anywhere — subscription and advertising-free — with fair and direct compensation. Thanks to blockchain and the platform’s PPP (Pay-Per-Play) protocol, 100% of royalties are paid instantly and directly to artists in MUSIC, Musicoin’s in-house cryptocurrency. In a recent move unheard of in both the music and crypto industries, Musicoin announced its pledge to guarantee top payouts among leading streaming services.

“MaMA is a great stage to introduce the recent milestones of Musicoin Project, and our long-term roadmap for the whole industry,” Isaac Mao says. “We’re centered around musicians and creators to make sure new technologies and innovations can serve them in more profound and transparent ways. I’m truly excited to looking forward to our time in Paris.” Chief Music Officer Zack Wilkinson adds, “We’re really excited to share our story and mission at MaMA. We want Musicoin to be front and center in the next step of monetizing music distribution, and wave goodbye to the value gap.”

In addition to Mao’s keynote address, MaMA attendees are encouraged to visit Musicoin’s booth at its convention on Wednesday and Friday.

Artists eager to receive top streaming compensation are encouraged to join Musicoin today.


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