Musicoin to Open “Let’s Rock!” Online Forum


Sunday Dec 31st, 2017

Starting January 2018, Musicoin will consolidate its communication channels (Slack, Discord, and Telegram) into the new “Let’s Rock!” online forum hosted by at The Let’s Rock! Forum is designed to bring new and existing users together to communicate and keep abreast of the latest Musicoin announcements and community updates. Additionally, there will be tutorials, technical information, and multiple sub-forums for music-related focal groups, geo-locations and areas of interest.

From January 1,2018, all users on will be able to access the forum directly. Accounts on the Let’s Rock! forum will be directly connected to a user’s existing Musicoin profile.

The Let’s Rock! forum replaces the disparate communication channels formerly servicing Musicoin users with a more robust infrastructure that serves their needs more efficiently. “Let’s Rock! will have enough scalability to host millions of users rather than being restricted by third party services”, said Andre Xu, Chief Spokesman of the Musicoin Project.

Musicoin (identified by the symbol “MUSIC” on major cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex and Cryptopia) is a smart cryptocurrency & music licensing platform built upon the Musicoin blockchain. Artists, industry associates, and music listeners worldwide are encouraged to visit Musicoin’s official website at

For all media, interview and other inquiries, please contact:
Andre Xu, Chief Spokesperson, Musicoin Project
T: @musicoins