Launching Musicoin TV Channel

Musicoin is proud to announce Musicoin TV, a video channel dedicated to promote upcoming and existing indie artists on Musicoin. Studio sessions, artist interviews, and project promotions will be the main topic highlights on our channel. Daniel Lawton, the new addition to the Musicoin team, will be managing Musicoin TV on both YouTube and Steemit platform. He has past experience in developing a similar video channel to promote local musicians in the UK, known as ACTV.

First episode on $MTV: Alchemy

Isaac Mao, Creator of Musicoin, has expressed his interest on this initiative, “Musicoin TV is an excellent initiative that fully aligns with our project’s long-term goal to serve and promote indie musicians from anywhere around the globe. As we soon see, musical creativity will flourish under an open and borderless platform. Our message to all music communities is that any musicians who are passionate about their work can be a part of this exciting initiative. The high-quality production of Musicoin TV’s early episodes will lead to a new chapter in $MUSIC Blockchain and ecosystem. I believe Daniel will be the right fit for the job.”

Our first episode has been released, you may check it out at

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Thank you for your continuing support!

–The Musicoin Project

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