Over 1,500 Verified Independent Musicians, Bands and Labels Now Use Musicoin.


Sunday Dec 17th, 2017

The world’s first streaming music blockchain, Musicoin, saw its number of verified musicians top the 1,500 mark, keeping it firmly in the lead position in the race for music cryptocurrency supremacy. “It’s a watershed moment for artists worldwide who demand a fair, simple, and profitable way for listeners to enjoy their music,” said Musicoin’s creator, Isaac Mao.

The streaming music site, https://musicoin.org, allows verified musicians to upload their music so the public can listen. Each time their song is played, the artist instantly receives the cryptocurrency Musicoin, which they can keep for themselves or even program in advance to split simultaneously with collaborators. “The general public might best understand Musicoin as a cross between Soundcloud and Bitcoin,” said Musicoin’s Chief Content Reviewer, Željko Stanojkovski. “It’s really catching on. We’ve seen 50–100% growth every month in registered users.”

The Musicoin blockchain went online February 11, 2017 and thus far is still the only streaming music blockchain that allows verified artists to upload their works and the general public to listen. “First mover advantage is critical in the blockchain world,” said Musicoin Spokesperson Andre Xu. “The leader sets the agenda for those that follow, so we’ve continually achieved new milestones to stay ahead of the pack.”

While most music blockchain initiatives have only completed “ICO”s (initial coin offerings), Musicoin has achieved the following milestones without an ICO:

  • First functioning streaming music blockchain system.
  • First streaming music blockchain system utilizing smart contracts.
  • First streaming music blockchain to surpass 1,500 verified independent artists, bands and labels.
  • First streaming music blockchain to enable “tipping” artists.
  • First DJ Mix utilizing smart contracts.
  • First blockchain to integrate a “Universal Basic Income” payment scheme.
  • First streaming music blockchain system to offer free plays for all listeners.
  • First music blockchain system to surpass 20,000 active user accounts.
  • First streaming music blockchain system with embedded players for social media.

With over 300,000 music plays and 440,000 tips to musicians ahead of its nearest competitor, Musicoin shows no signs of slowing. “Next on the horizon are mobile apps and integration with embedded hardware,” says Musicoin’s Chief Ambassador, Joel Bevacqua. “Fifteen hundred musicians seem like a lot today, but it is nothing in the global picture. Because of the tight bond Musicoin can create between the artist and listener, we keep working to make Musicoin the go-to platform for music in the future. Expect a big announcement in January 2018 about a new music hardware platform featuring the Musicoin system.”

Musicoin is identified with the symbol “MUSIC” on major cryptocurrency trading platforms.

For all media, interview and other inquiries, please contact:
Andre Xu, Chief Spokesperson, Musicoin Project
E: andre@musicoin.org 
T: @mrandrexu, @musicoins