The Global Ambassador Program

The Musicoin Foundation announces the formation of a new Global Ambassador Program to reach out to musicians, their communities, and the general public in a concerted effort to encourage the ongoing adoption of the Musicoin platform.

Musicon’s Global Ambassadors are assigned the role of communicating Musicoin Foundation’s primary goal: to provide independent artists with a better platform for releasing music. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, Musicoin Foundation aims to facilitate better pay rates, simpler administrative procedures, and by extension, more time and encouragement for artists to create great music and interact with their fans.

The first wave of globe-trotting Musicoin Ambassadors are:

Joel Bevacqua: Musicoin’s Chief Ambassador, Editor-in-Chief of the EDM-focused magazine, The Hard Data, and known around the world as “DJ Deadly Buda”, Joel’s initial musical claim-to-fame was as an early 1990’s rave pioneer. Three decades of DJ experience producing raves, records, music, magazines and visual art would eventually lead up to his creation of the world’s first DJ Mix powered by smart contracts, “Rock the Blockchain” which he released on

Martin Lacabanne: Known in the field of visual arts as niuQuin, this pioneering digital artist and music composer from Argentina began his career in music production in Amsterdam and Ibiza with electronic music. He later created a recording studio in Argentina and served as composer, keyboardist and producer of the rock band “ToXiKos” as well as the electro pop band “Angels Food”. In the early 2000’s he produced digital ringtone content for mobile, television and media companies in Latin America.

Crakk Falgas: Crakk is a veteran in the French Hip-Hop scene. He has opened live concerts for artists like Nas (with Dadoo) at Elysée Montmartre, Génération Rap R&B (live concert) with Joeystarr (NTM), Dadoo, DJ Snatch, Billy Bats and the famous french humorist Jamel Debbouze in France under Sony Music, has opened live concert as solo artist for Cut Killer, Rohff, Factor X, La Caution, did a national tour with La Brigade and recorded songs with Dadoo, Don Choa, Soprano, Diam’s, been Master Of Ceremony for DJ Djel & DJ Soon tour and has appeared on more than 100 different recording projects. He also worked with several mega-selling German artists: Casper, Liquit Walker, Pyranja & Dra-Q from the legendary Ostblokk (founder of Die Urban, political movement in Germany).

With over 20 years of experience in hip-hop music, Crakk developed a strong and diverse connection with well known hip-hop artists in France, Great Britain, Germany, and United States, he also been Co-CEO of “Hiz & Herz Entertainment” and “Stable Musik Group“ with Terrance Harvey and Honey Dinero from NYC.

Currently, he is the founder of CashBackMafia, a hip-hop music outlet dedicated to promote existing and up-and-coming hip-hop artists from Europe, USA and Africa. He is also the manager of Beatmakers from Africa, France and Ukraine, working with Haitian Remo (founder of OPM Stream, The Home Of Black Media), Young Amsterdam (producer, interviewer) in promoting Musicoin on the eastern coast of America. He has been on more than 140 radio shows around the world, working with artists from Wu-Tang Clan Family, No Limit (Master P). Crakk is also working with one of Cloakcoin’s developers and contributors, Florent Kosmala, in promoting Musicoin in France.

Atakan Karakis: Atakan is a professional translator with 10 years of experience in both French and Turkish languages. He worked in the communication departments for United Nations and Fox International Channels. He hosted the radio show Dub Music on Istanbul’s Acik Radyo and DJ’ed in some of the most prestigious clubs and venues of Istanbul under the name of Dubstract. Currently, he is writing articles to promote Musicoin in Turkey’s popular forum Eksi Sözlük, as well as working with Crakk to promote Musicoin to local communities in France.

KyuTae Ahn: KyuTae (KT) also known by his online handle trustfarm, is one of the early supporter of the Musicoin project. He was introduced in August 2016 by his friend who was involved in the initial pre-launch phase of the project. Soon after, he voluntarily participated and contributed greatly in Musicoin’s mining development, and currently promoting Musicoin to the Korean mainstream and underground music industries, as well as working to integrate Musicoin into hardware wallets. Aside from the ambassador role, KyuTae is also a patent owner, developer, miner, and blockchain enthusiast. He has 18 years of expertise as a global broadcaster of integrated development; product manager of UHD streaming service at LG electronics; and co-operation with BBC, Ziggo, Netflix, Youtube, and CJ. KyuTae believes in the idea of Sharism and envisions an efficient and secured global world that runs on blockchain technology to utilize the power of content sharing. He is the CEO and founder of two social platforms, and He can be reached at and

Pascal Guyon: Pascal is a multi grammy nominated pianist and producer living in Los Angeles with 15 years of experience in music production in a wide range of music styles. As a producer, he has worked closely with famous artists worldwide. Some of his credits include works with Leona Lewis, Anthony Hamilton, Big Time Rush, Kat DeLuna, Joe Budden, Heavy D, Wynter Gordon, Rostrum Records, Taeyeon, Super Junior, TVXQ, Jane Zhang, and Radics Gigi. He also works on technology projects and is a part of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. Currently, he runs a mentoring program to teach independent artists how to build a worldwide acclaimed career by thinking outside of the box and leveraging technology.

Soon, the G.A.P. will open its door to applicants interested in becoming ambassadors for specific music-related focal groups. If interested, please reach out to us at and share your vision and ideas.

Musicoin (MUSIC) is a smart cryptocurrency & music streaming platform built upon the Musicoin blockchain. Musicians and listeners worldwide are encouraged to visit Musicoin’s official website at

–The Musicoin Project

For all media, interview and other inquiries, please contact:
Andre Xu, Chief Spokesperson, Musicoin Project
T: @mrandrexu, @musicoins