Unveiling Musicoin mobile app design

Since February of 2017, Musicoin, the world’s first blockchain-enabled music streaming service, has been a web-only experience. Today, The Musicoin Project is proud to unveil a the design of new mobile app, which is currently under intensive development alongside updates to their web platform user experience. Slated to release in Q3 2018, the Musicoin app offers listeners and musicians alike new ways to discover music and interact with artists — whether at home, in a park, or while taking a road trip.

Along with traditional functionality (artist/song/genre browsing, playlist generation, and recommendations based on listening habits) the app also features the Musicoin’s famous Clap functionality. With a push of a button, listeners have the ability to voluntarily “tip” their favorite artists additional Musicoin, the platform’s proprietary cryptocurrency.

The app also introduces a new Gig feature, allowing listeners to find tour dates and purchase tickets for Musicoin artists performing in their area. Optional push notifications for music news, new artist and song announcements, and software updates may also be activated.

Completely free, Musicoin currently hosts over 4,600 artists and 45,000 listeners. Unlike popular industry-controlled streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, it compensates artists with 100% of their streaming revenue, paying royalties instantly and directly with every play. Musicoin also offers bands the opportunity to create unique smart contracts which can automatically pay each member their fair share.

Business Development Manager Zack Wilkinson says, “The concept and creation of the mobile app is a very exciting and important step in the realisation of the Musicoin platform becoming a global access point to music. We hope the app will be a catalyst that helps drives creation for artists and attracts new partnerships to the platform.”

Founder Isaac Mao added, “The mobile app is a key building block along the roadmap of Musicoin Project. With the strong support from our community and partners, we are focus on delivery.”

Mao welcomes the public to leave feedback and suggestions by tweeting to @musicoins or emailing app@musicoin.org. Musicoin’s Slack and Telegram channels will collect feedback from existing community as well.


Musicoin (MUSIC) is a smart cryptocurrency and music streaming platform built upon the Musicoin blockchain. Musicians and listeners worldwide are encouraged to visit Musicoin’s official website at musicoin.org.

Please contact press@musicoin.org for media inquiries.