Review — Live in the Park

Aylesbury — 27th August 2016

I decided to visit Aylesbury’s Live in the Park event after being asked to listen to and review a band playing there. I won’t name the band in question, here are my thoughts on the day.
 I believe there has been a lot of noise about this band (they told me so), and they say they work very hard at self-promotion. Lots of promotion is a good thing if you want to get noticed, but the most important thing is that you need to be able to deliver the performance to justify the hype. They come close.
 From the outset it is clear that the sound isn’t quite one hundred percent, but this is not the band’s fault. They work hard to deliver their songs, one in particular called Instigator being very catchy. Their set is well received by the audience, every song getting a loud cheer. They are clearly building a following in Aylesbury, and if they continue to work hard they will be in with a chance of developing a wider following.

I look forward to seeing Callow Saints again in a year’s time to see how they have progressed. I think they will have grown.

*** Recommended

 This singer/songwriter delivered her set with gusto, accompanied by a very talented bass player. Her songs are melodic, and she does her best to keep the audience captivated. Her sound also struggles from the mix at the sound desk, but she overcomes this with energy and commitment.

*** Recommended

This band, which includes a couple of members from Callow Saints, also suffers from the average sound engineering work, but it is clear they have some good songs in their set. They also work hard to overcome the sound difficulties, and they are also well received by the audience. This is another band I will look up in a year’s time, be interesting to see how they have progressed.
 Live in the Park was a very well presented event, and lots of families attended from what I saw. If getting people to come out into the town on the Bank Holiday Saturday was the plan, then it worked. For a free event, you have got to commend Aylesbury’s Council, they did a great job.

*** Recommended

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