A Quick Min W/ MYKYL

Tell us more about who you are!

Hey guys! I’m an electronic pop artist/producer from Salt Lake City, UT. I draw influence from chill pop artists like Lauv, Chelsea Cutler, and Jeremy Zucker, but I also like to blend elements from the 2000s punk pop I grew up on. My goal is to bring deep introspective lyrics to fresh, cutting-edge pop productions.

I got my start as an intern for Imagine Dragons in Las Vegas, and then I began songwriting for other artists in LA, Nashville, and the UK. I finally put out my first single as an original artist during the early pandemic in 2020 and I’ve been producing and releasing music ever since. I hope my music can connect with people emotionally and help them find hope.

How long have you been recording music?

I’ve been making music since I was a kid, and started messing around with recording myself in high school. I used to go around trying to sell my CDs in the hallway at my school. I took a hiatus from music to live in the Philippines for 2 years as a missionary, and then when I came home I studied Computer Science in college until I felt an unrelenting pull to make music again. That’s when I landed the internship with Imagine Dragons in Vegas, and that was the inception of my current music career.

Where did the desire to create music come from?

I’m not sure exactly. But I know that it’s something deep inside of me, and I literally NEED to create music. I’d like to believe that God put this desire in me, and that my music can hopefully serve a higher purpose of helping people.

What is your process when coming up with a new track?

I used to sit down with an acoustic guitar and a notebook, pick out some chords and start pouring my heart out on the page. Lately as I’ve moved more into production, however, I often start by creating a track I think sounds really cool and then I’ll write a melody over it and come up with the lyrics afterwards.

Tell us about the biggest challenge you have had to overcome as a rising artist?

Self-doubt has been a huge challenge for me. Years ago, I tried out for just about every singing competition there is — American Idol, The Voice (3 times), America’s Got Talent, American Song Contest, etc. but never made it past the first round of auditions. I figured reality TV just wasn’t my avenue, since often they’re looking for a specific cast each season and I’m a pretty normal person with a normal background. But even with that mindset, facing rejection more times than I can count came with a heavy toll, and I started questioning if I really just wasn’t good enough.

It wasn’t until I started writing for other artists that I saw my worth. I wrote a song for one of my friends who has a large following, and the song ended up being streamed millions of times. I remember scrolling through the comments on her music video with countless people saying it was their favorite song. That experience gave me the hope that if I kept working, maybe my music could touch more people, and I’ve seen that pattern continue even in my own artist project as I stay consistent with my releases.

What advice have you learned to this point that you would share with an independent artist?

Collaboration is king. There’s a lot that goes into making music that non-musicians don’t often think about. There’s the songwriting (including melody and lyrics), arrangement, production, mixing, mastering, social media marketing, graphic design, photoshoots, video… the list goes on and on. It’s tempting to want to do all of it ourselves, either to save money or because we sometimes pride ourselves on our independence.

The problem is that when you spread yourself thin like that, you’re unable to focus on being the best at one thing, and you also can’t take advantage of other people’s strengths. You can’t be the world’s best engineer, songwriter, producer, and marketer all at the same time, and in this incredibly competitive industry, we can’t afford mediocrity in any area. Plus, even if you COULD be the best at everything, you simply don’t have enough time in the day to do all of these things while consistently putting out content. Some things need to be outsourced to other creatives that you trust.

So co-write with people. Co-produce or hire out for production if it’s not your forte. Always pay for professional mixing and mastering. Hire designers and get marketing advice from experts. Find what your best strengths are, and focus all of your energy on those things. Outsource everything else.

So, do you have any music you are currently working on?

Yes! I have so many new songs in the works. This summer alone I’m hoping to put out 4 new songs, and I’m collaborating with some other insanely talented people. I’ll be dropping my debut EP “hopeisnowhere” in July, and so much more after that.

What can listeners expect from you for 2022?

You can expect tons of new music, big shows, merch, and as always, I love connecting with people so my DMs are open. Please reach out and say hi on instagram or tiktok!

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