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What is that noise that you hear in the trees?
It’s the words from the day, it’s the gods, it’s the breeze
It’s the night that follows the day
Oh, I love you tomorrow, so don’t go away
What is that sight that you never did see?
The one…

the lone bellow | fundamental truth | yeast


Intimate Strangers

Music can blur the lines of perspective and suddenly, a crowd of strangers can become intimate companions.

The first time I heard the music of The Lone Bellow live, Zach Williams was touring solo. …

cold hearts=warm guns | ashes to stone | X hits the spot


Cold Threats

Humans are complicated creatures, able to feel a flurry of emotions at once.

Over a lover, we can simultaneously feel sadness, guilt, yearning, anger, joy, gratitude... …

no next time | letting go | watermelon cocktails


There’ll Be No Next Time

There’s courage in admitting when we’re wrong. From personal failings to global, we make mistakes and pride ourselves on being able to find the ground beneath our feet again.

We can give all of our faith to ‘next time’ again…

Nina Simone | shake it out | Vernaccia


Nina Simone

Nina Simone is one of those artists who knew how to bruise the heart. Like Janis Joplin, she was strong yet injured. They both sang their scars with raw passion and through their honesty, uplifted the downtrodden with their music. …

Vivaldi | language | Umbria


Listening Through Time

Time and space shatter when we listen to music. Notes written twenty, fifty, hundreds of years ago reverberate through our bones and change our brain chemistry just as they did the composers.

Want a feel for the anti-war movement of the 1970’s? Dip into…

boldness | strip clubs | terroir


Being Bold

Robert Frost says, “Freedom lies in being bold.”

With that in mind, I’m embracing the theme and highlighting one of my own songs.

BOLD was written when I was in love. It’s a commentary on how reckless love makes us. …

Mr. Tillman | what ifs | sake


Hot Messes

Sometimes we don’t make the best choices for ourselves. We don’t always live our optimum lives.

We can be tempted by that extra drink, skipping on a full night’s sleep, deciding to challenge our gas tank to the final mile even though…

a blue diva | magical details | rosé


The Fifth Element of Surrealism

When I think of surrealistic music, there’s a scene which always comes to mind from The Fifth Element.

You know the one: the blue opera diva priestess stands center stage in an theatre drifting through space, singing to a room-full of…

the rock opera | assumptions | Quarts de Chaume hangovers


THE Phantom

Driving into Los Angeles, I had to talk myself down from a swell of anxiety. You know, how normal do… one of those solitary conversations we have aloud in our cars. Not like the crazy people walking down the…

Music, Yoga & Booze

Tips and Highlights for these 3 Essentials for a Better Life

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