How to change your Netflix Recommendations

2 min readJan 4, 2018

When I prepped to travel to India, a variety of tools were at my disposal — including my Netflix account. By flooding my Netflix with Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, and Shahid Kapoor, I discovered an easy way to immerse in lively romantic tales and ogle at the lehengas. After all, what details the culture of India like unrequited love, decades-long pining, and a focal point on marriage and the family?

Only downside is Shahrukh Khan — sue me.

But after returning from India, how could I flip back to my tasteful American/British comedies or period dramas? Netflix’s recommendation rows were Indian dramas, documentaries, and more Shahrukh Khan.

I lingered in pain for weeks — frustrated to be continuously feeding Netflix with feedback that they were providing superb recommendations. Daily, I would look at the ads on buses and subways of tantalizing comedies, only to forget that intriguing show’s name that night, forcing my pitiful self to resort to an Indian drama. The pain was acute.

Finally, I slyly creeped onto another’s Netflix account (as you see, we have the family plan). After “watching” 5 min of specific cooking, travel, history, documentaries films, my “Continue watching for Buttercup” had suitably stuffed Netflix with varying content.

And voilà! The next day, my temperamental platform had changed its mood — hello American dramas.

{ Audience: Pray tell wise Obi Wan, what is the takeaway? }

To revise Netflix recommendations, find 5–10 famous films/shows of that genre (Indian, British, Korean, etc.). After letting the algorithm rise for a day like yeast, you too have the power to alter the course of nightly entertainment.

If perchance, you don’t have a family account to creep on, I’d grab a local friend and borrow their search history.

If you don’t have a local friend, try your high school friend Olivia. She will be pleased to share a critical password with “Cheryl who hasn’t messaged back since prom”.

Just kidding, the problem is much more drastic than you’re letting on. You must go back to your town and meet Olivia in person. Not only will viewing their past flicks make you proud to have moved out of town, but it will also give you insight to their search history (which brings us back to an increasing pride at moving out).

And with your horror at their spicy search history, I’d recommend taking a turn at a bookstore. Books won’t scare you like Olivia, who perpetually watches Netflix to no end. That’s how Netflix indulges Olivia with carrot-on-a-stick recommendations.

And now you’ve just finished a darling piece of content on how to become just like her!

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