Trials of a Solo Founder

There’s a cornucopia of biases against solo founders:

  • they can’t convince someone to work with them
  • they are less supported and therefore do less work
  • they can handle less stress
  • investors are biased against solo founders because they assume the founder can’t share their legos and doesn’t treat anyone as an equal decision making partner

My support systems:

  • I am very lucky to have a phenomenal partner
  • I have an incredibly supportive “work wife
  • Daily accountability with my no-code mentor

“Not really… I have a pretty tight circle of awesome supporting me.”

But I have come to understand 2 fundamental facts about MYSELF:

  • a “cheap thought partner” is a cofounder
  • I’ve spent the past 10 months setting goals and diving deeper into accomplishing them and reflecting on WHY they’re important
  • without giving fair shot at solo founding, I never would have come to the conclusion of needing/pursuing a co-founder

My hypotheses of a Co-founder glue:

  • we work “lock and step”
  • we challenge each other
  • we feel motivated by each other’s company
  • we learn from each other
  • we think about feedback before we provide it and learn from our partner’s critique, their feelings on delivery, and our feelings on delivery (could we have been kinder or more compassionate?)
  • we build much more with our partner (and bounce back from setbacks) far easier
  • we invest time/generosity/kindness in our partner


April 17, 2022

A few new initiatives:

  1. Customer Advisory Board
  2. Mentorship
  3. Weekly Accountability Group
  4. Executive Coach (in addition to therapy)


New belief: It’s definitely possible to be a solo founder.


Who calls you out on your BS?

Who picks up your 10pm call?

Who helps you troubleshoot?

Who do you learn from?

Who do you call on a long walk?




Tech founder @ EMO (Easy Mobile Onboarding). Product Teacher @GA. Co-founder @WomenWhoCodeNYC.

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Tech founder @ EMO (Easy Mobile Onboarding). Product Teacher @GA. Co-founder @WomenWhoCodeNYC.

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