A UX Review of Lemonade Insurance in Less Than 5 Minutes

There’s a video!?

Product Sins Lemonade Insurance

Why Lemonade?

Landing Page

Functionality in Feature Vid

  1. Check savings
  2. Adding additional members — spouse, dependent, pet
  3. Purchase extra home insurance

Landing Page Part 2

Price of Lemonade

  • short (questions took me ~1.5min to complete)
  • to the point (all 17 answers were presumably used for calculating some thingiemidgig)
  • removing all progress bars (was I at the nearly at the end!?)

1 Minute “Magic” Moment

5 Minute Magic Moment

Additional Value

Is Lemonade a Scam!?

The Hardest Metric: Grit Score!

Let’s Wrap Up


I highly highly congratulate you on working so hard on UX of your product. Claims aside, the bait-and-switch to achieve information and start users on the onboarding journey is one of the cleverest flows I’ve encountered.




Tech founder @ EMO (Easy Mobile Onboarding). Product Teacher @GA. Co-founder @WomenWhoCodeNYC.

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Tech founder @ EMO (Easy Mobile Onboarding). Product Teacher @GA. Co-founder @WomenWhoCodeNYC.

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