Discovering Your Life Purpose

We all get stuck from time to time. Are you at a crossroad in your life? Perhaps, you are wondering what God wants you do do with your life? We are born for a purpose. I want to help you explore your gifts and passions. I want to help you find your purpose.

My Story:

Finding my purpose in the world was difficult. I went to college not knowing what I was going to major. I picked a major and changed it four times. I graduated with a B.A. in Communications and later graduated with an M.A. in Teaching and an M.A. in Global Studies.

I struggled with being content. I constantly questioned the direction and purpose for my life. Several jobs and a burned bridge later, I discovered my calling.

We are all born with a purpose, our special gift that lights us up and draws us forward with excitement and joy.

Our fears and negative emotions stop us from achieving what we desire in our lives. I relied on others to help me discover my purpose. I couldn’t see my strengths, gifts and passions.

With help from a coach and my therapist, I discovered my purpose is help others. Read more about me.

Jeremy walking in the tea fields of southern India.

The fact is, we all get stuck sometimes. Limiting beliefs and negative emotions, many of which are hidden in our subconscious mind, show up as resistance to what we desire and stop us in our tracks. Isn’t it time to find out how to get beyond the limits and fears and really start living?

I look forward to working with you in developing a plan to discover and use your gifts and passions.

As your Certified Professional Life Coach, I will help you:

  • Identify your gifts and passions
  • Identify existing fears holding you back or subotaging your efforts
  • Replace fears with TRUTH with a renewed zest for life
  • Identify your strengths and empower you to use your gifts
  • Create a clear action plan to Live Happy!

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