1. Dear Uncle Ruckus.

Dear Dr. Ben Carson,

Look man, I don’t like questioning anyone’s “blackness”, mainly because it’s such a stupid concept and our society has such a flawed view of what it actually means to be “black”, but HOOOOLLYYYYY SHIT you make it so easy for someone to want to lose their religion though….

I get more and more serious about having a racial draft every day..

AAANNNNNDDDD I really try to give people the benefit of the doubt. The whole not judging people part in the Bible is something I try to live by.

But what in the entire FAWWWK, yo? Some of the shit you say just oozes of ignorance and fuckery and I’m a senior in high school. High school is the breeding ground for ignorance and fuckery. I mean that’s half of the high school experience.

And if we did a side by side comparison between some of your comments and ideals and things overheard walking high school hallways, it’d be very difficult to know who said what.

You my friend are a serial sayer of ignorant shit. The Michael Jordan of stupid shit said.

But I’m only addressing one thing, cause I’m not trying to be here all night. I have school in the morning. I’m trying to get into one of those “less rigorous” schools that Justice Scalia be talking about.

Like the fuck do you mean by Obamacare is the worst thing to happen to this country since slavery? REALLY NIGGA?? Look I’m not as knowledgeable on Obamacare, as I prolly should be, but I can say with supreme confidence that it’s nowhere near the worse thing to happen to America since slavery. I mean just off the top of my head here are several things that would qualify as being “worse things to happen to America since slavery” …..


AIDS epidemic

Pearl Harbor

Japanese Internment camps

Hurricane Katrina (and every other Hurricane since 1865)

Every tornado since 1865

Any Tyler Perry movie script

Jim Crow

The World Wars

Your role in the movie Stuck on You

The assassinations of John F Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln( and countless others)

The entire existence of Owl City (Fuck that guy)

Ummm every time there’s a mass shooting and uhh futuristically, abstractly speaking of course(as in never going to fucking happen) Ben Carson being president… That would suck donkey ass and even as frightening as that sounds I still wouldn’t compare it to the atrocity that was slavery, because DUH! It’s slavery. To compare slavery to Obamacare is lazy, careless and ignorant as fuck.

Crazy thing is, dude is a neurosurgeon. AN AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE neurosurgeon, at that. Forget all the negative things I’ve said and think about how dope that is? I remember when my mom made me read your autobiography Gifted Hands and it had me thinking about being a doctor for about a week or so and I’m squeamish as hell. I remember reading about your story and thinking how dope it was, thinking dang, this story, his life sounds so familiar. Dude really started from the bottom. I mean he has accolades upon accolades. But you know what? Fuck Ben Carson and fuck his accolades. A bit harsh? Maybe, but it is what it is and yeah it’s personal. It’s personal because as a young black male Ben Carson should be someone who I and other black youth look at and are inspired. Someone who we see and we want to be like, but he isn’t. (and don’t worry about me, I have plenty of role models)

And it’s quite sad really, because once again if I haven’t said it enough he’s a fucking neurosurgeon, can you imagine the impact he could have if he had a brain and wasn’t busy playing house negro?

and in regards to your “presidential” campaign.

Ben… just stop.

Ben Carson is what happens when internalized racism meets opportunity.

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