7 Reasons why I don’t give a flying fuck about Bill Cosby.

  1. He’s a serial rapist. It’s that simple.

2. All of you assholes blindly defending him and his actions don’t understand that Bill Cosby probably thinks Trayvon wouldn’t of died if he had his pants up higher and wasn’t wearing that damn hoodie, Tamir’s parents should have given him a different name( like Tom or some shit.)and Sandra Bland would still be alive today if she would’ve just shut her mouth and respected the police.

3. White people of the “I’m voting for Donald Trump, doesn’t make me a racist” crowd love Bill and his respectability politicking ass. But by all means please continue on about how this is a conspiracy theory because the powers that be don’t want to see a black man own a multi million dollar corporation. Firstly, that was some 20 years ago when he tried to buy NBC… 1992. Secondly, the statue of limitations has ran out on that dumb ass excuse in like 1992. Ain’t no conspiracy, bih.

4. First things first R.I.P. Uncle Phil. You the only TV father that I ever knew. A lot of people are upset, because to them Bill Cosby/ Cliff Huxtable was a father figure to them growing up. Which I can respect the sentiment to an extent, but look Cliff Huxtable isn’t the only TV father figure, we have tons. We will be okay. We will rise again. I hear Ben Carson is available.

5. Ain’t he Raven Symone’s grandpa? That’s one dysfunctional ass family. Fuck the both of them.

6. His deposition. Seriously.. People who are defending him, did ya’ll read it? HE OPENLY ADMITS to getting seven prescriptions for quaaludes from a doctor in LA in the 1970’s and actually gave the pills to young women. He admits to that he occasionally wooed young women by inviting them to dinners at his house. In 2006 Cosby admitted that he once seduced a model by faking interest in her father’s cancer.. All of these are facts. Facts from Cosby himself. Does any of this mean that he’s guilty of rape? Nah, but that combined with all the accusations against him, at least to me me makes it seem very believable that he could have very well had sexual relations with women against their consent. Yeah, innocent till proven guilty, sure. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore facts or as some folk are doing straight up denying. Why are so many people (Men mostly) playing defense attorney for another mans penis? People act as if there’s NO WAY that these women could be telling the truth. That’s the epitome of rape culture and THAT’S WHAT I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH. I hope to God that none of these woman were raped and not because of Bill Cosby’s legacy. I hope because rape is traumatic experience that I can’t even fathom because I have never been in that situation before. I wish it was a big huge conspiracy. But let’s be honest that’s a lose lose situation either way it goes, not because people care about rape victims, but because most of everybody who are defending Cosby would just love to have more ammo to continue trying discrediting rape victims and survivors and further rape culture as a whole.

7. Because fuck him and I was born in 1998 so fuck the Cosby Show too.

P.S. Wrote this during lunch so forgive me if there are errors, I mean wif we can forgive R. Kelly then wh… You know whaat? Never mind.

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