Sales Force Software

Advantages of using sales force software

Some of the advantages of automating sales force include the following:
• Saves time by keeping track of appointments, meetings, customer interactions, follow-ups required in a single window. Estimates the costs requires so that proposals can be drawn-up quicker. Provides details about anorder, availability of stock and estimated delivery so that the customer can be updated anytime about these details.
• Helps in improving customer service by maintaining a system that puts customer in focus and everything around is arranged based on the customer only. Marketing, sales and customer support is integrated together using the sales force software thus making it the one stop place for all customer related information and queries
• By automating the sales force updating software, sales people can focus more on closing deals and approaching new customers there by increasing the revenue. Provides management with the ability to track and manage the activities of the sales team with their focus on revenue generation.

Some of the sales force automation software in the market are:
Verayu: Verayu provides the user with various options for automating the sales force application such as identifying a sales opportunity, providing location based customer details, management of sales team by tracking their attendance, creating simple solutions to show customers etc. 
Mobile Sales Force Automation: ZooM from SPEC India focusses on automating the activities of a field professional and mobilizing them. This software that is compatible with Android OS mobile phone and tablets can be used on the go for updating the details. It also generates and allows the users to view reports on their phone or tablet as well.
Botree’s Sales Force Automation: The software is designed keeping in mind some of the challenges faced by on-field professionals such as lack of stock details on each outlet, any delays in processing the orders, manual job of entering the details of bills into the system. By eliminating these, it helps ensure that salesmen always have the information they need at hand outlet wise and stock wise as well.
Wind’s SFA: Wind’s SFA has solutions that is specifically designed for different industries such as garment, FMCG, pharma and service or manufacturing. This helps the pre-sales team in tracking the activities as well as the operations team to manage existing customers.