we are connected by our souls, souls that live cities apart.

Since the first day, we knew this is gonna be hard, but that is what we agreed on. We knew we won’t meet every day or for that case every week or maybe for months too, but that was not what we were looking for, we fell in love beyond those long distance, beyond those roads and bridges, we fell in love with the feeling of being loved by each other.

long distance sucks we know, but having that rush inside you while waiting to see them again is something they’ll never know, those heartbreaks are hard but those bad signals while you skype at night, is worse than anything, we don’t have everyday pictures of us but we have gallery full of those weird screenshots.

counting days to meet next, gives me that strength to hold on strong gives me a reason to look forward to, for I know happy days are waiting for me next door, covering those long distance to come and meet you have taught me to fell in love with traveling too.

stepping out I got your first glance, that happy face was worth that wait I thought, and then you hugged me with the warmth of you and all my broken pieces fell in place too, your kiss gave me a sense of being blessed, your perfect kisses on those wounds felt so astonishing.

kissing those wounds, you filled those cracks in my soul completely with love and happiness making me believe that they weren’t disasters from past but gaps created for you to fill in with love.
And somehow, against all reason, we were kissing.
I closed my eyes, and the world around faded.

you gave me a reason to smile about when I sit back alone on my couch you hugged me with all your strength, gave me the power to stand strong in this crowd, people in your life will come and go it’s you who have to stand alone, I knew this long ago but you gave me the power to believe in this, though.

you are the reason why I believe in forevers now, magic and superstition seems so real now, there is nothing like a perfect story 
for with time things will change and some other story will become perfect then and like every love story, ours will die with us only.
And during all this time of our life, (be it far or near) we are gonna be there together forever, And during all the time after this life we’ll still be together
For our love story might die with us but not our love, for sure.