„Violence is the supreme authority from which all other authority is derived.” Robert E. Heinlein

From the Morgan Bible

I gather hundreds of articles were written on the subject of the human attraction towards violence in media, and i don’t think anyone’s really found a concrete answer to it. Maybe there isn’t one single answer, and maybe there shouldn’t be.

I won’t pretend i’ll do the same, but my thesis is this: people are enthralled by violence in media because we understand that violence is the ultimate expression of power and authority and we yearn to attain it.

I absolutely know i am not…

Antiheroes have rarely ever been done right.

When they weren’t just edgy self-indulgent avatars for the authors worst excesses, they simply failed at being antiheroes. Meaning that while they sometimes behaved in cold, distant and violent ways, they still did the ‘morally right’ thing to do when the chips went down.

There was a time even when anitheroes were the expected deviation, as the classic, honorable heroes began to be seen as childish, ill-suited for the modern world, but in that way giving birth to a new standard. …

CW: Liberal use of uncensored slurs, mentions and discussion of transmisogynistic violence and murder

If you’re a trans woman, trans femme or just a femme presenting trans or non-binary person who happens to pass very well for cis, chances are you’ve been called or have seen some other trans femme person be called, a trap.

A trap, for those lucky uninitated, is (by definitions that have been given to me by many-a person defending it) a term that popped up in online anime communities in the Anglo speaking world (4Chan especially), that reffers to cis men who are so extremely…

Adventure Time ended, on Monday, after eight rocky years of tales, adventures, emotions and experiments. I don’t think i’ve quite yet processed that a story i’ve grown so attached to has actually ended and in all honesty, i don’t think i’m supposed to.

Ultimatley, at the literal End of all Things, Adventure Time sent us off with one important, last message, last tidbit of wisdom to impart on us: impermanence.

If there was one constant, consistent string dragging itself throughout Adventure Time (at least from the point where it abandoned it’s original lackadaysical motivations and began telling a larger, more…

John Wayne as Ethan Edwards in ‘The Searchers’ (1956)

From the moment Western Civilisation began setting foot into what they loved to think of as the virgin, untamed and unexplored frontier in search of material wealth to sustain it’s miserly existance, it has fetishised The Unknown, and molded into images that appealed to their personal sensibilities and ideologies.

As the Civil War ground to a halt and the Americans began to, in earnest, settle the West at the eternal suffering of it’s Native inhabitants, myths popped up just as quickly.

Tales of gunslingers, do-gooders acting as the unoffical arm of the common law to snuff out the Outlaw and…

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