Tracking Ownership History with Authoreon Technology

Musku rane
Aug 14 · 4 min read

It is undeniable that the speed of service of various economic activities that we carry out is inseparable from the role of a reliable technology system. Technology not only serves to maintain stability and service, but also functions to protect the transmitted assets themselves. In the economic world assets consist of several types, of which there are assets in the form of money, and there are also assets in the form of documents or important documents. These two valuable assets certainly have different forms and functions. Where money assets are used to buy an item both in physical and non physical form. While documents or certificates are used to show legal proof of ownership of the goods being purchased. Although they have different forms and functions, both types of assets need a protection system that cannot be penetrated by attackers. This protection system is certainly given in different forms and also in different techniques.

Just like assets, humans also have various types of economic activities that are carried out. One type of economic activity that is very common or familiar is trading. We can not deny that opening a number of trading businesses, indirectly greatly helped the government in minimizing unemployment. Basically, every commodity traded must have its own market share. For example, such as luxury items intended for socialites. If we pay attention at this time there is a bag that is very small, but is sold at a price of tens of millions. But there are also bags that are much bigger in shape, but are sold at high prices. This is because the sale value is not determined by the size of the volume of the goods, but is influenced by the type of material and the name of the trademark.

Goods that have high sales value, of course, will also be packaged and treated differently from goods that have a standard price. The difference in treatment lies in terms of the status of legal recognition that it gets. Did you know that some luxury goods have certificates or special codes that contain legal recognition of their ownership? Therefore many platforms are also popping up now, such as Authoreon which offers services to create ownership certificates that are inserted by a special code or barcode, which later this barcode can be scanned by potential buyers.

The protection method that Authoreon provides not only functions for buyers, but also for sellers who want to avoid a number of acts of counterfeiting and illegal distribution. Did you know that currently most of the luxury goods come from European countries, which require a large fee for shipping or export if shipped to several Asian countries. The delivery process is also not directly monitored by the seller, and therefore the goods can be forged later.

To avoid a number of acts of counterfeiting, Authoreon currently offers a cooperative solution between the manufacturer and the retailer of goods. In the first stage, namely making legal documents for ownership of goods. The next stage the item will be given an A — ID code that can be scanned with special Authoreon software. Code A — ID will also be owned by a number of retailers to show evidence that the retailer has obtained legal permission to sell the item.

Authoreon is not only used to prove the authenticity of goods, but also serves to find out the history of ownership of goods. As we know that each person has different needs. For example there are people who have saved money to buy new goods, and there are also people who want to buy used goods. Therefore with Authoreon’s reliable ability to track the ownership chain of an item, the buyer can automatically see the status of the item whether it has been used or not. Even though the used item still has a good shape, it does not mean the seller has the right to sell the item to the buyer who wants a new item. Therefore Authoreon is here to understand the wishes of the buyers.

At this time we can say that the goods do not only need physical protection, for example by packaging the goods using certain protective containers. But it also requires protection of the rule of law. Therefore Authoreon is here to further refine it.

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