5 Musings I’ve Had About Allah’s Existence:

I wonder why Allah didn’t give Muhammad instructions to give to his people on who would be his successor after he dies -or at least some kind of guidance in choosing one.

I wonder why the moment Muhammad died, there was disagreement and turmoil among the Muslims as to who would follow him.

I wonder why Allah’s guidance ended when Muhammad died.

I wonder why Allah’s people have been in disagreement ever since, with all the different sects that say “Allah wants this”, “No, Allah meant that.”

I wonder why Allah won’t send down his guidance again like he always does when his subjects are confused over his word and/or corrupt it (sent Jesus when Torah was misunderstood, sent Muhammad when the Gospel was misunderstood).

Oh, wait, it’s because half the foundation of Islam is that Muhammad was Allah’s final messenger and that his revelations to Muhammad was his final word and that it is perfect and can’t be changed.

If anyone has any answers or would feels I’m missing something. Please leave a comment or send it anonymously to MuslimRebuttals1@gmail.com