HIDDEN ISLAMIC GEMS: Did you know the Prophet Muhammad had a rival prophet?

At about 4 minutes, you see two armies looking upon each other, one is the Muslim army, led by Khalid bin Waleed. The other is the army of Musaylimah who was someone who was also claiming to be a prophet of God.

We see Khalid bin Waleed ride over to Musaylimah to negotiate terms of surrender. He says, “Im offering you and your people a way out. Revert to the truth now and declare your repentance before everyone stating that you bear witness that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is his final messenger. And that you so far have been in disbelief and in error. If you do this and pledge to obey Allah, his messenger, and the Caliph, I promise to accept this from you, pardon you, and stop fighting.”

Here’s what every Muslim should ask themselves:
“Would I want someone to convert to Islam to escape death? If my friend needed a blood transfusion from me to save his life, I could easily lie and say, ‘Convert to Islam and I’ll totally save your life.’ I’d give him the blood no matter what he says but why not make him Muslim if I could? It’s the true religion.”

Muslim Rebuttal: “I don’t know. This was a long time ago. Things were different then. Besides, it’s up to Allah to decide how he wants people to accept him.”

So then what’s the point of the “no compulsion in religion verse” that is thrown around like candy? You can’t really use that as a carte blanc to excuse Muhammad’s apostasy law and then say it’s not that important when it’s convenient for you. How long are you going to keep using that “we dont know what Allah wants nor can we fathom what was normal, good, or bad, 1400 years ago” excuse to dismiss things?

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