Middle-Easterners Support Black Lives Matter

A lot of Southerners claim the Confederate flag represents Southern heritage, not slavery or racism. But you and I know that an honest look at historical records says something different. So, while people might perform mental gymnastics and intellectual dishonesty by having different interpretations of what it means, they don’t really have a right to tell others that they have to respect the Confederate flag nor should they be afforded the “right” to be shielded from criticism of the flag or outright insults towards it. We rightfully have no issue with people defacing the Confederate flag even if the flag belongs to someone else and is taken from their vehicle or porch etc

Now, historical records show that Islam’s founder decreed that those who leave Islam [hereinafter referred to as “exMuslims”] are to be executed.


Records also show that it was carried out on many occasions. Also, 11 countries have execution for exMuslims on their law books. On top of that, there are countless number of exMuslims who are killed all over the world for being exMuslim [I can and have listed several examples. It just doesn’t make headlines].

So people are free to believe that Islam and its founder had no ill-will towards exMuslims and that “true Islam” is not threatening or insulting towards exMuslims in any way shape or form but they don’t have a right to use those mental gymnastics to tell others they should be respectful of their religion and not criticize it.

But they do. When we bring it up, they say, “Oh you’re getting it all wrong. That ruling was only there to prevent treason because leaving Islam back then was like treason against the Muslim empire and the US kills executes people for treason as well so what about that?” [smells a lot like “but other black people kill black people too, not just white cops”] Or they say, “Oh, well times are different now and the rule isn’t applicable anymore and it’s not a threat so please don’t criticize or scrutinize our religion, its book, its founder, etc. because we find it very offensive.”

But the simple fact that it’s even on the law books and people don’t condemn the law is a huge problem. Imagine if some state in the South had a law that said that converting to Islam carries a 5 year prison sentence and a concern over this was responded with:
 “Oh well, nobody pays attention to that law. It’s just an old law from the 1800s during the Barbary Coast wars in the Mediterranean”… it would still be problematic, right? It would still imply that converts to Islam are bad in some way, right?

If one wants to claim that this is a false equivalence because these Islamic historical records were from 1200 years ago vs the civil war being recorded less than 200 years ago then consider this: 
-if we go 1000 years into the future and there were still Neo-confedrates saying the same thing, would your opinion change?

If the community wants to claim that these Islamic records [hereinafter referred to as the Sunnah] aren’t reliable because they weren’t recorded until 200 years after the death of the founder of Islam, then the community can’t use these records to show that Islam’s founder was a great person who would never do such a thing. But everything they know about his character, his good deeds, his good quotes are all gathered from the Sunnah. So people can’t take the things they like and reject the things they don’t like and tell people who cite them that they’re are misinformed.

But the Muslim community DOES do this. They won’t even let exMuslims even form support groups without being shut down and labeled as bigots against the Muslim community [a community which I defended countless times, via a keyboard and via picket signs both AS a Muslim and after leaving Islam]. exMuslims aren’t allowed to fight for exMuslims overseas who are being murdered, imprisoned, and subjugated unless they steer clear of blaming it on Islamic scripture and make it clear that such actions have nothing to do with the TRUE interpretation of Islamic scripture. exMuslims aren’t allowed to criticize scripture when they are asked why they left Islam [if they are lucky enough to be “out”]. exMuslims aren’t even allowed to criticize scripture on their own blogs and youtube channels without being labeled as “Islamophobes”. They won’t let exMuslims of North America [a vital support group that’s gaining steam] have their Normalizing Dissent tour on college campuses without having Muslim Students Unions protesting and attempting to deplatform them the way they would some right wing hate group.

And the worst part is that white liberals listen to them and eat it all up. Because that’s all the know to do. Whatever the brown people are saying, agree with it and support them unconditionally. Don’t ask questions.

Do you think exMuslims should be allowed to do these things? Do you think people have a right to tell exMuslims they need to be respectful of Islam and its founder and its books? Do you think the Muslim community should leave them alone? Do you think they should be labeled as misinformed, ignorant bigots who are fear-mongering? Do you think the Muslim community should refrain from scoffing at their claims that they are brown and have “muslim names” and face anti Muslim bigotry too? Do you think the Muslims who don’t engage in this behavior have some responsibility to say something to those who do?

Is it not disrespectful or offensive to tell people that a decree to murder people like them for their beliefs or lack of belief is harmless because it’s not meant to be practiced in modern times? And when someone gives them examples of how it IS still being practiced, is it not disrespectful and offensive to move the goalposts and say “well, those aren’t true followers”? Is it not disrespectful to tell someone “that decree is only allowed under certain conditions which are almost impossible to meet in this day and age”?

When we bring up this issue [that 11 countries carry the death penalty for having our beliefs or lack thereof] to the Muslim community in the US, is it fair for them to not respond with “please stop saying things like this. You’re making our religion loo bad. You’re making people mistrust Muslims” instead of “Wow, that’s terrible. These laws need to end right now. What can we do to help?” Is it not disrespectful and offensive to only be concerned with Islam’s reputation when presented with the issue of murder over someone’s beliefs? We expect white people to do something about police murders because they have the power to change things. So why can’t exMuslims rely on their communities to change these laws overseas?

A PoC from the Muslim once said this someone who was being dismissive of racism:
“As a long-time leader in this community, it would be more powerful if you listen to people when they share their experiences and perceptions, instead centering your own experience.” Is this similar to exMuslims asking the Muslim community to listen to us instead of centering their own experiences like “my brother’s exMuslim and he goes to these countries all the time and nobody’s tried to kill him”?