Why ‘Muslim Feminist’ Is An OXYMORON

If I tell you that a system allows the rape of women, your immediate response should be, “Please give me more information.”, not “Hey, hey, hey! Don’t criticize that system because you’re making the people who are a part of that system look bad.”

Nor should you say, “But women don’t actually get raped now because the conditions and scenarios allowing such things are no longer present today so there’s NOTHING wrong with that system.”

And if I say, “But women actually ARE getting raped within that system this very day. It’s probably happening as we speak.” then your response shouldn’t be “No. The system is perfect. Those rapes are happening because people are hijacking the system so they can have an excuse to rape women.”

And if I say, “But we can clearly show you how it actually IS a part of that system”, your response shouldn’t be, “No. The system is so complex and you’re not qualified to evaluate it and I’m not qualified to discuss it with you.”

And if I say, “I can show you how being an expert on the system is irrelevant to understanding how it allows rape.” you should say, “OK. I’m listening.”

That’s it.

Other unacceptable responses:
“Don’t act like you care about women’s issues.”
“What are your true motives?
“Women don’t need your help.”
“You’ll never be raped as a woman so you have no place in this discussion.”

If you were an actual feminist, you’d know this. Thanks for playing. Please try again.

Now, with that said, The Quran & the Sunnah (teachings & accounts of Muhammad) allow rape. It actually did happen. It wasn’t just allowed. And men are using verse to rape women today and if not right now as you’re reading this, probably pretty soon.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or send them anonymously to MuslimRebuttals1@gmail.com

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