Ways of Getting to Know a Muslim Marital Candidate

Oct 10, 2016 · 2 min read

Offering a dynamic venue for marriage-minded singles to connect and meet, Muslims4Marriage encourages personal interactions that are respectful and honorable in intent. With the contemporary dating world more confusing than ever, Muslims4Marriage brings together those for whom shared values and a similar outlook on life are important. One question that many Muslims4Marriage.com members ask, when getting to know that special person for the first time, is how to know if he or she is “the one.”

Muslims4Marriage members share a commitment to the idea of a loving Muslim marriage and this helps them work through budding feelings of excitement and ask the hard questions as to whether long-term compatibility exists. Knowing the potential spouse better involves sounding out the other through online messaging and chats, as well as conversations over the phone.

Another way to truly get to know the other is through in-person “Halal dating,” which includes attending movies, watching or playing sports, and organizing dinner dates. Premarital dates require a chaperone, which embodies the concept that marriage is not simply a union between two people, but a bridge between two families. When sounding out a potential partner, pay close attention to personal attributes such as contentment, humility, kindness, and a sense of responsibility.


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