Andela Bootcamp Day 2 — Cohort 17

It’s almost 4 pm in the afternoon now, and I’ve spent all day coding, researching, asking questions, and basically fighting to get my code just right.

It’s been frustrating, and rewarding the same time. I have resorted to pushing my code to Github for our learning facilitator to review, since I just can’t get any of the hidden tests on Andelabs to run without returning “Error running your script”.

This is the first time I’ve made it to Bootcamp, and honestly, I did not think it would be this challenging.

In our Day 1 class, our first trainer, Saya, took us through the Andela principles of producing quality output: Knowledge, Behavior and Belief.

I do have the belief that I can hack this. I know what behaviors to use too, it’s the knowledge that’s a problem. But I will soldier on. Andela is worth it. It seems like so much fun: the morning warmups, the cool fellows with their equally cool Macs, the promise of a great career as a kickass dev surrounded by equally kickass devs …

Back to the code, for now. See you tomorrow.

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