Python functions for interacting with Azure Log Analytics API

Working in DevOps or SRE occasionally involves reading or writing event logs and tracking events over time. In some cases, these events can trigger an alert on either a system’s state or anomalies within it.

For example, one of my recent projects had a requirement to develop an application that tracked files and folders on an Azure Storage Account as the files were moved around. The subsequently triggered events had to be visualized and monitored.

What started out as a simple question turned out to be an interesting exercise and my first hands-on introduction into Machine Learning (ML). The question was:

How do you compare two sentences to determine if they are similar, or have the same meaning?

As I was first researching, I got overwhelmed that the possible solution involved Machine Learning and I had to learn the ins and outs of an entire industry. …

If you are starting your career or looking to transition into DevOps one of the first things you’ll learn is that DevOps is a methodology more so than a job title. DevOps at its core aims to bridge any divide between IT Operations and Development to encourage collaboration and participation between both sides to reduce any surprises by the time an application needs to be deployed to Production with a strong emphasis on automation and standardization.

With that said, there are many of us who preach the core values of DevOps and have a set of responsibilities that are dedicated…

Mustafa El-Hilo

Senior Engineer — Cloud, DevOps and Security (CDS) — Slalom_Build

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