The Universe is beautiful.

To see the beauty of the universe you just need to imagine.

The universe is a wonderful place to live in. It is also quite dangerous if taken lightly.

The universe provides us with the best things we can imagine. It provides us with beautiful sights, wonderful thoughts and a lot of imagination. To see the real beauty of the universe, we need to understand it or at least try to understand it.

The universe is full of secrets. It plays games with humans by luring us to try to uncover them. It also makes the game very interesting and challenging by hiding the secrets the best it can. We try our best to win with the universe. We discover what we call laws of nature. We try to make the universe move only according to some simple rules and then the universe just breaks the rules. We try to think that we can tame the universe by making it follow some rules and the universe shows us a bigger picture of how wild it is. This is the true nature of the study of the universe.

If we truly want know what the universe really is, what it was and what it will be; we need to search out suols. We need to discover the secrets of our souls, bodies and minds. If we become aware of what we are, only then can we become aware of the universe. In the deepest parts of our souls and minds, we have answers to all the questions we can ask. That is where we should search for answers.

As is outside so is inside.
As is above so is below.

The universe is full of secrets. It has black holes (one of the best kept secrets of the universe), quasars, neutron stars, sun-like stars, jupiter-like planets, earth-like planets, comet, asteroids, mountains, seas, oceans, life, and of course, us. We are different from others in the sense that we want to know how we can want anything. We want to know how we came into existence. We want to know how we can think. We want to know why we are curious about so many things. We are the only life forms (on earth) that can do that. We want to know why we are different. All the answers can be found out if we search our history. From the time we discovered fire, from the time we came into existence to the time the universe came into existence, all of these are included in our history. To understand and predict the future, we need to understand the past. That is the importance of finding out the secrets of the universe.

Secrets of the Universe