How can Vevue revolutionize journalism industry?

Mustafa Elnemr
Nov 8, 2017 · 3 min read

When I was working as a TV producer I was responsible for a daily live broadcast program that last for 50 Min every day. the program was focusing on the human rights situation in Egypt after the coup d’état that happened in 2013 by the commander of the armed forces Abdelfattah El-Sisi.

The channel ( ElSharq TV) is one of the opposition media. The regime prevented it from recruiting reporters inside Egypt for political reasons. In my 50-min program, the main challenge was to create new content daily. The program was trying to update the viewer with the human rights situation and transfer the pulse of the street toward political and social situation. To fill the 50 minutes, the program had either to repeat its content, review the daily news only or try to reach out for ordinary people and communicate with them directly and create more interactive show. The challenge was to depend on citizen journalism to create content.

The term citizen journalism is described as the public citizens playing an active role in the process of collecting, analyzing, and disseminating news and information”. this empower citizens role to transfer news, monitor events and account officials. This also opened the door in fighting authoritarian regimes .it works as a shield that can help activists in countries under repression by turning each citizen into a camera man or journalist who can record and broadcast any abuse by the authority toward peaceful protests.

The need for a medium or platform where TV channels, Journals or researchers can meet with citizens and vice versa is huge. How can we insure that citizens voice will be heard? How can citizen journalism become business opportunity where media get the content and citizens get payed? how can both sides can reach each other easily? Here comes the magic of Vevue.

Vevue is a platform for sharing user-generated videos. Users exchange incentives based Vevue Requests thru the mobile app to earn Vevue Token. Its idea is very simple, User A can put a Requested Pin with brief explanation at any location in the map which can be a place of protest, certain event or ongoing independence referendum …etc. The Pin will appear on the map and User B can answer the request with the required video and upload it. In case the uploaded video matches the requirement of User A’s request, User B get paid in Vevue Tokens.


the team developed a built-in location verification system for Android app now, and will develop one for IOS before releasing requests to make sure of the accuracy of the recorded videos. Also, the requester can accept or reject the video if the quality does not match with his standards. The use of smart contracts guarantees the sender copyrights and that each video he contributes to the community will be rewarded if it is accepted.

At the mean time the price of Vevue token in its ICO stage equals .1 USD. it has 100 million tokens to be distributed as 51 Million Token in investments and ICO, 9 million to the copyright Wallet, 30 Million to be mined and 10 million for the founding members. Its total Tokens is 100 Million.

Vevue is an interesting project that can be used to create new job opportunities and create a medium of video exchange where it can revolutionize the Freelancing opportunities for journalism.

Mustafa Elnemr

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