The Satire of Texting

Texting is one of the most important things in the world, for youngsters, and nowdays it has even spread into the adult world. It is the most efficient way of communication and knowing what is happening around you. Without communicating, through texting, where would us students be? Texting should be considered as much as a necessity as water. Texting is beneficial in many ways; it helps your hand-eye-coordination, helps your speed in reading, and helps your skills in spelling. In addition, texting is much politer. During a lecture, having someone discretely take out their phone and start texting is much better than having them talk on the phone. Though our knowledge-givers (teachers) see this as a problem, they fail to see the simple solution, send their assignments through text.

During school, students are told to be silent more than 50% of the day. It’s very hard to stay focused and stay on task. Students deserve a lot of credit for this because they comply to at least 10% of that. During tests, where we have to stay silent, having a random loud tone really comforts students. The melody causes students to lose their train of thought, so they can completely focus on the relaxing tone that text messages bring. Like is said before, texting is very efficient. Typing “LOL” is much easier than having to go through the struggle of typing out “laugh out loud.” Other reasons why texting is better are that they help people understand how you feel. Listening to someone voice is very hard. Having to listen if they are sad or mad takes much more work than reading a text message, where you can understand completely! Texting is also very endearing. We all know that one person in the halls that starts texting, and as they text they walk slower and slower and slower, until they come to a complete stop. Having to walk behind that is one of my favorite parts of the day. In the new age of technology, it seems like everybody is texting. If everyone is doing it, it must be good, right? Like our moms say, “If Jimmy jumped off a bridge, [you should too].”

Texting, teachers hate it, but students love it. If Teachers continue to be stubborn about it, then our worlds will never become one. Teachers need to understand how much of a necessity texting is. They need to take a step back and realize that gossip is more important than half of the pointless things you learn in school that you most likely will never use in the real world. But we students know the real truth, we don’t want to admit!