I was excited to receive an email from Andela indicating that I had qualified for the boot camp. I did not know what lies ahead. The first day was called self-learning clinic where all those who had qualified for the boot camp were to come and attend the introduction so as to be aware of the methods of assessment that would be used. The turn up was higher than I had expected and this made me mindful of the fact that many people were participating in software development than I had initially imagined.

The self-learning clinic began with some introduction and then later in the day, we moved to the technical bit (programming). The boot camp was well organized since we had Learning Facilitators who were well informed of the new trends in technology and they also had designed a learning map to help us take charge of our education. We were further divided into groups, and each group got assigned to a Learning Facilitator who would oversee our training. There was also a feedback report score card in which we would be able to see our progress as per what the learning facilitator sees.

At the end of the day, each facilitator invited his group members to Trello board where various projects were outlined for each day. It was getting late; we made sure we had the right links to the Trello boards then we left the site. For the next three days were expected to from home and share our solutions to a Public Git repository. On the Trello board, assignment for day 1 was already due, and therefore we had to hurry and submit it.

Since I had never used Git before, I spent the night awake researching on how to push projects to Git. Morning came, and I had not found a solution. I started panicking since the deadline was due and I had not submitted my work. Fortunately, since our group had a slack channel, I was able to post my challenge, and my peers did their best to help me out. Once my learning Facilitator realized I was stuck, he came very first to my rescue. I was able to learn so much from him and eventually my work was sent to my Public Git repository. I felt exhausted but what I admired most was that my Facilitator did not give up on me. I know understand the concept and I believe I have added value to myself. I am determined to go through the entire boot camp.