Practicing Wireless Development in Xcode 9 Beta

In WWDC 2017 , Apple introduced one of emergent feature is a new development way without cable, “Wireless Development”. This provide the developers faster and painless deployment of the applications. However , There are some network connection troubles what is expected to be in the beta versions. Meanwhile Apple is fixing the issues. Let’s have a glance on how to utilize this amusing feature.

First thing to do is cabling your ios 11 above installed iPhone.

There is a modification in window tab is one of the menu items in Xcode that Devices section exchainged to Devices and Simulators. Just after selecting this section, you would realize by the image below the new option “Connect via Network”.

Devices and Simulator Section -1
Mark connect via network

Mark connect via network option and a few seconds later there will be shown a global network icon as below.

Global Network icon is shown.

Seeing this icon means that you successfully made the new connection. As a bug I supposed, turn off — on your device’s wifi and uncable it . Now when you click to select the device will run the application, You would see the same network icon here.

Global Network icon is shown -2

If you are unable to see the icon here, repeat the above processes. When you click “run the application” by selecting the device, It will start installing the application to your device wirelessly.