A Complete Todo List To Get A Job In Estonia For Software Engineers Of Third World Countries

Mustafa Tufan
May 19, 2019 · 4 min read

First of all, I am from Turkey. Actually, Turkey doesn’t fit the original term of the third world, but in recent years Turkey isn’t going well.

I am sure that being 157 out of 180 countries in the Press Freedom Index and banning Wikipedia are pieces of decent evidence to call a country third world. Estonia is 11th in the same index.

This list is for citizens of the unlucky parts of the world that want to force their chances to the end. Some advice will be odd for first world citizens.

1. Be E-resident

Estonia has a program called E-residency. When you become an E-resident, you are getting all electronic rights of a resident of Estonia.

What Are Electronic Rights?

That means you have the most rights of a resident of Estonia except actually being in Estonia. Funny, right? E-residency’s itself does not give the right of legal residency of Estonia.

You Can Do Anything With It.

Generally, E-residency is being marketed as an entrepreneur tool. Because these electronic rights include founding a company. But there are other things you can do with E-residency.

E-residents can access Estonia State Portal. From there, you can obtain your own @eesti.ee e-mail. It is the official domain of Estonia State. Also, with E-residency, you can access Estonian domain providers like Zone.ee and you could get a .ee domain.

Using an @eesti.ee e-mail or another .ee domain show to employers your dedication to finding a job in Estonia.

In my case, there was a more exciting thing. I signed my job contact electronically from Turkey before I came to Estonia. So I could resign my former job without any worry about my job security. I was holding a valid signed job contract and that makes things pretty certain and official.

After I come Estonia, I didn’t have to obtain personal code because I had it from E-residency already.

Also, I could register my address in Estonia without going to the Police and Border Guard.

I didn’t have to face with a single state authority due to having E-residency upfront.

You can get E-residency from Official Website of E-residency.

2. Apply For Jobs

Examine Official Web Site About Working In Estonia

Actually, a part of this post is a summary of this official web site. So, it is better to examine it yourself. Also, there are job offers on this web site.

Create An Account On CV.ee

CV.ee is the biggest job portal of Estonia.

Download Frank

I notice a lot of job posts in Frank app that are not in CV.ee. So it is better to follow this separately.

Check Out Other Job Portals

If you know other job portals, tell me, I am going to add them also.

And finally, don’t forget to have a look at job posts at LinkedIn and AngelList.

DO NOT DOs While Applying For Jobs

  • Don’t apply for the same job posts on different platforms.
  • Don’t apply for different positions in the same company. Decide on a job post and be insist on it.
  • Never apply without a motivation letter. You need to prepare letters for every job post separately.
  • Don’t explain why do you want to come to Estonia in the motivation letter. You need to explain why you are suitable for this position.

3. Be Ready For Interviews

Be Open Minded

For example, you are going to be asked are you ok to work with homosexual people? You need to give the right answer and I am sure you know the right answer already. Otherwise, maybe you could consider not to come to Estonia because it could be the wrong place for you.


You must have a HackerRank account and practise. Estonian companies prefer HackerRank so often for technical valuation. Some companies do it even upfront, so if you fail on HackerRank, you don’t get the chance of an interview.

Make Your Interview Projects Alive

If you pass the first interview, they assign to you an interview project to be completed in one or two weeks.


You must have a GitHub account and populate it with your personal, hobby, freelance and interview projects. When an interview project is wanted from an employer, you must push the project to your GitHub account and serve it properly. Also, do not forget prepare readme.md file with your project.


They never ask you to publish your projects but it is cool when you do. You can sign up for an account with this link and get $25 credits. Also, managing a VPS is going to teach you a lot of things.

4. Afterwards

Hopefully, you could get a job with these tips. But there is more to tell.

Get A Bank Account

As a temporary resident visa holder, you need to pay €200 as a fee to Estonian banks to just open a bank account. Also, there is going to be monthly fee. But Estonia is a SEPA country. So your employer could pay your salary in any bank in the SEPA region. I prefer n26.com internet bank because it is 2019.

Download Bolt

In Estonia, Bolt is more popular than UBER. It is going to be so useful in your first days in Estonia. You can use this code to earn €5 Bolt credits: PM6M2.

Get A Transportation Card

Transportation cards could be bought from shopping centres and supermarkets. Just ask to a local. Also, you can use Google Maps to take a train or bus. It supports the Estonian transportation system perfectly.

Get A SIM Card

I preferred Telia’s Super prepaid card. You could buy it from Telia stores.

Ask Me

You could send an e-mail to me and I am going to answer when I have suitable time to reply.

Finally, welcome to Estonia!

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