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I fear for the future of this country when people are encouraged to make an end run around how we elect our president. You may feel that Trump is unfit to be president but guess what; many on the right feel the same way about Clinton. So by these rules we should just let the electoral college pick our presidents for us, no need for a vote. Suprun has no integrity, he agreed to vote the way the voters chose and is now having second thoughts. The thing he should do is resign from his seat or have it striped from him. If you get your wish and block Trump from the presidency, then any resulting chaos is on your heads. Do you honestly think that the people on the right are going to sit idly by when the victory that they worked for and played by the rules for is striped from them…you must live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal and must use it a lot. I did not vote for Trump but he does deserve the opportunity to sink or swim on his own just like Clinton if she had won. This infantile response to loosing is what you get for giving everyone a trophy for participating, no one seems to learn that there are winners and losers and you cant win every time. If he does something stupid, and he very well may, that is what we have congress for ( to block it ), impeachment (obvious) and the second amendment for. Grow up all of you.

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