Silicon Valley arrogance: “I can tell you which startups will succeed, without even knowing what…
Dan Kim

Hello Dan, She is talking about X and you are criticizing Y. Completely unrelated.

1- I am sure she knows that a success of startup depends on many factors (vision, financials, market-fits, execution ability, product, etc). But one of the most critical factor is the stamina of the founders and their ability to work hard to pull it off the ground. It is not the only factor. But I challenge you to give me an example of a startup that the founders worked standard 40 hours for the first few years and it succeeded!!!! It is logically impossible. Unless you have a big rich dad and you can hire a 100 people in the first month to do the various functions!!!!

2- You are talking about employees. Startup’s are mostly run by the founders for the first few years. Look at the history of basecamp founders in their early years (by the way, we use basecamp at our company storat social marketplace and it’s an awesome tool, so you should feel proud). Basecamp didn’t become successful without the founders working 130 hours a week.

3- For startup founders, and I am one, they are not pressured to work that hard. Actually, it is a lot of fun. They get a lot of joy, self satisfaction, and happiness from their work. And mind you they are not geeks. I enjoy family time, ride a motorcycle with my wife, ski and scuba dive with my older kids, and enjoy lego sessions with my younger kids. But when you launch a startup, you really need to do sacrifices and spend a lot of time pulling it off the ground. Otherwise, if would have stayed in a job with the standard 9–5 work hours….

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