Announcing Toronto’s 1st Annual DMC Design Conference.

Mustefa Jo’shen
Oct 20, 2014 · 5 min read

“Design Makes Change” 2015.

We’re hosting 3 days of design in the heart of downtown Toronto, bringing in leaders in design and domain experts from around the city to participate in a design forum. Building on the Design Cofounders’ community initiative “DMC”, we’ve named it: Design Makes Change.

Register here on Eventbrite.

DMC will be held March 27th — 29th, 2015. Mark your calendars. We’re inviting you to attend, to speak, and to lead a united narrative around the future of design in all it’s forms in one of Canada and North America’s leading startup communities. Beyond a ‘Design’ conference, this is an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the impact design has on our lives, businesses, and startups.


The 3 days will be held March 27th — 29th, 2015 between Friday and Sunday afternoon. Mark your calendars.

We’re inviting you to attend and lead a united narrative around the future of design in all it’s forms in one of Canada and North America’s leading design and startup communities.

1. Design: Join us in bringing together design in all its forms. From exhibits, show and tells, and displays, both physical, print, and interactive experiences, we will celebrate design for it’s beauty and enrichment of the world around us. This track will be hosted at Playground Inc.

2. Makes: We’re all makers, and design happens beyond the digital footprint and confines of a screen. Design encompasses the frameworks through which we as makers create. In this track we will understand the processes by which an idea is borne, refined, executed and launched into the physical and digital world around us. Location soon to be announced.

3. Change: we’ll explore the impact on our lives and the people around us, and the people affected by the design choices we make. We’ll host talks and discussions understanding our own impact in the change around us. This track will be hosted at Mozilla Toronto.

  1. Process: UX Design + Design Thinking.
  2. Designing Wearables and the IoT.
  3. Discussions on design process, and building design teams.
  4. Design Education & Learning.
  5. Design Battles!

The tracks will be held across distributed locations within 5 minute walking distance from each other based in the downtown Toronto core, on Spadina Avenue, between Queen Street and King Street.

We’re finalizing arrangements with several leading agencies, including the Design Cofounders space, to make the conference a success, and will announce them over the coming weeks.


Join speakers like Cassie McDaniel, Design Director at Mozilla @webmaker.

Happy to announce the following speakers and workshop leaders — the list is growing:

Cassie McDaniel, Hamza Khan, Andrew Smyk, Laura Burke, Steve Fisher, Robleh Jama, Mustefa Jo’shen, & Ricardo Vazquez.

We’re excited to announce a few more local and international speakers over the next few weeks as we solidify arrangements.

If you’d like to speak, please e-mail A call for submissions will be sent out in November to the open public as well.

Tickets and Attendance:

The conference registration page is up now on eventbrite, and early bird tickets will be available until mid February.

DMC 2015 is a non-profit driven initiative.

We will try to hold ticket costs at a stable amount, but cannot promise this to remain through end of year. 100 early bird tickets will be made available to start out of a total of 350 planned available tickets.

Early bird tickets are priced at $99/person + eventbrite costs for the full conference. This will include attendance to all speaker tracks and workshops + lunch for 1 day.

Our Sponsors

By the community, for the community.

If you’re part of this community, and would like to join us as a sponsor, please e-mail to request a sponsorship package.

A special thanks to the following community partners and sponsors that have been supporting the TorontoUX community over the past year, and that have extended their support to DMC 2015.

Ryerson DMZ, Busy Building Things, Splash Effect, Playground Inc, & Design Cofounders.

Organizing committee

If you’re interested in volunteering: volunteers will be required to commit to 3 short Google Hangouts per month and 1 monthly in person meeting if you’re local to the city. We’re expecting a time commitment of approximately 5 hours per month to make this event a success. Preference will be given to those with experience in the roles available.

Current Roles:

  1. Community Manager
  2. Sponsorship coordinator
  3. Host facilitator
  4. Attendee on-boarding
  5. Track coordinator

Please e-mail with your name and LinkedIn profile. We’d love to hear from you.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to everyone that has supported, engaged, and pushed us forward as a local TorontoUX community, and for engaging and encouraging the creation of this conference.

DMC 2015 is created by Design Cofounders, and co-organized by Mustefa Jo’shen, and Ricardo Vazquez.

Our company is Design Cofounders. We provide design education via DC Edu, business + design consulting via our tUX studio, and drive community impact and innovation through our DMC initiative: Design Makes Change.

Mustefa Jo’shen

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Designer, Founder, Educator & Startup Advisor. Focus on DesignOps, Inclusion & Equity