The point I was trying to make, sir, was that who the hell are you to judge a company from Victoria…
Jakub Linowski

Discourse, an example

Jakub, first, you’re off base with your rhetoric. Smiley faces don’t give you a right to say ‘who the hell are you’, and doesn’t reflect our relationship. I’m disappointed.

To the points:

  • Vancouver, being Victoria’s neighbour, is a huge talent pool that has one of the largest percentages of visible minorities in Canada. The environment is more severe in hiring practices in Toronto, where competition for talent is so strife, where we hire from Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Ottawa, and all the way as far as Victoria and Vancouver, and beyond Canada’s borders. I was very close to being recruited to a startup in Victoria in 2013. Hiring is an investment, and the impact of building diverse leadership as an investment is a core responsibility for our companies, leaders, and cultures– equal to profit– and it’s hard work.
  • “Sharing pictures of faces sounds a little arrogant, no?”
“🔑 We need to talk about specifics. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about what you’re doing, and how it’s perceived.”

There is no arrogance, and these are not abstract concepts. This issue, in our world, needs specifics, and examples. The updated sample of faces I posted after your response is a (not-so) shocking example that our issues in the tech and startup world are not excused by location demographics. Also, see the previous point.

  • “If you take a company from India, are you going to expect the same utopian diversity?”

No, we don’t. We’re speaking about Canada and more broadly North America, whose countries stands up for multi-culturalism. I find it problematic to continue having to explain this point.

  • More so, maybe those people are diverse on another level that actually matters to them, to the company or to the wonderful good they may or may not be generating.”

Our discourse isn’t about the quality of the impact organizations generate, nor a fixation on any one of the many examples provided in the article. It’s a significant movement for the importance of gender and racial diversity in the leadership and workforce of organizations in the tech world– issues that result in the systemic problems that lead me and countless others to write about and advocate.

We’re talking about examples, and at that, superficial examples, that represent deeper rooted problems.

  • Maybe that company hires based on diversity of class or economic levels? Instead, it sounds like you lower diversity to skin colour and gender with all of those skin-deep photos. Trying to be constructive here.

You’re not being constructive, nor taking the full context of 3,800+ words. Go back and read the article again. Start at the top. Reflect, and take some time in understanding the issues and writing a response to further understand those issues– just as it took me 30 days, countless shares, edits, and perspectives. This isn’t a gut trail of passive thoughts.


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