Quantum Leaps

One of the most difficult things we do in life is grow.

From the time we’re newly born and going into the 3rd and 6th month growth spurts that kept our parents up all night while our bones grew– until we’ve matured into young adults and grown ups. We keep growing.

Imagine the future you telling the current you how much you’re going to grow. He’s likely passed you current fears, desires, and challenges. He’s learned from them, and he’s grown.

He’s no doubt facing a new set of fears, desires, and challenges. And he’s still growing. It’s non-stop.

Growth leaves me humbled with each day, month, and year that passes. A friend of mine calls these growth spurts ‘quantum leaps’– and when we make them, they feel great.

If I can go back to the past me, I’d tell him: ‘you have no idea. It’s going to be great’.

A quantum leap forward.

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