The credence of founding….

I only have a brief moment to write this.

Entrepreneurship is interesting. I remember speaking to a friend about the ‘credence of founding’. They questioned whether or not founding a company should hold so much weight, versus all that it takes to continue moving forward: the operations, production teams, sales, culture, etc.

Those people have the credence of working.

What of the credence of founding? I find myself hanging by a thin thread. I find that the entrepreneurship sword hanging above my head is hanging by a thin thread. And it’s a very thin thread.

With all of my current success, short lived or long term as it might be, both organizational and monetary, what’s behind the scenes in a founders mind is very hidden.

I can’t speak for others, but giving up is a hands reach away. But it’s also just not an option.

The weight is a serious and silent psychological battle.

All for the credence of founding.