Compromise means to go just a little bit below what you know is right. It’s just a little bit, but it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine.”
Joyce Meyer

Compromise and Understanding are two important ingredients of a relationship….. These two elements keeps a relationship running. But in the right proportion.

‘Understanding’ is knowing someone inside out, Compromise is on the other hand is the middle path, so that everything (& everyone) is in sync and in peace… And in a relationship we need both of them, but in the correct mix…

Understanding, for blood relations, is little easier. The main reason being, ‘ we have it in our blood’. We understand our siblings, our parents, cousins.

Compromise is more with man- made relationships (such as our spouse, some instances also with friends)….. A little compromise, hones the edges of the relationship steadier.. to make the relationship smoother… We don’t realize this early in relationship…. That’s due to our ‘passionate feeling of being in Love’… But with time sometimes there’s too much compromise and little of understanding… Compromising appears to be an easy solution in the starting. But when one person compromises more than the other….. there will be soon tectonic movements that might damage the relationship forever.

These tectonic movements can be cushioned if there’s understanding involved in it. Understanding comes with time, and needs great amount of patience. In today’s world we rush to judge things, we don’t feel the need of empathizing, because all that takes time. And we don’t have time (only God knows why!). Its the understanding that will give the idea to other person who how much sacrifices one does. It comes with empathy.

Understanding is recognizing the person inside out. It’s accepting the faults one has and accepting them with complete honesty. Once we do this, you can see the person with no walls or a fabric amid two people. We all like everything we understand or comprehend, and hate incomprehensible but why do we still don’t put efforts to understand our own partners.

I am not a psychologist.. or a relationship expert… but this is what I see people doing. Sometimes a third eye view of relationship gives a perspective that people in relationship can’t pay attention to….

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