Tiny Scanner: Android Document Scanner

Tiny Scanner is a free application for Google’s Android operating system that you may use to swan documents using the device’s camera.

The scanned documents are turned into PDF format automatically by the application, with basic editing options provided for best results.

The main advantage that Tiny Scanner offers over using the phone’s camera to take photos is that it turns the documents into PDF files automatically.

While designed with documents in mind, it can be used to scan anything including photos, receipts, or tickets.

Tiny Scanner


Tiny Scanner requires only a few permissions, and all relate directly to the application’s functionality:

  1. Photos/Media/Files
  2. Camera
  3. Wi-Fi Connection information
  4. In-app purchases.

The app itself is dead easy to use. It ships with two modes of operation: scan using the camera, or by selecting an image already stored on the device.

If you pick the first, the camera menu is opened and you may use it to scan a document. The only option you get during this step is to turn the flash on or off.

You may change the page size format in the next step, and change the area of the photo that you want turned into a PDF document.

tiny scanner android

The next step gives you control over the output. You may select grayscale, color, or black and white output. There is also an option to adjust the contrast using dots displayed on the same page.

Once satisfied, select a name for the document to save it on the device.

The final screen provides you with sharing options. Several options are reserved for the Pro version, while some, email especially, are not.

The application supports cloud hosting providers like Dropbox, Evernote and OneDrive, but all are only available to Pro users.

All PDF documents created by Tiny Scanner are listed in the program interface, but you may also open them directly using a file explorer. You find the documents under TinyScan > Documents.


The settings allow you to make changes to the default preferences among other things. You may change the default page size and process (black and white, color, grayscale, photo, last filter) there for instance.

There is an option to add a passcode to the app which protects it from unauthorized access. It supports four digits only which means that it offers only basic protection.

Another feature you find in the settings lets you enable Wi-Fi access. Basically, what it enables you to do is access the document storage using other devices, a PC or laptop for instance, via Wi-Fi.

Closing Words

Tiny Scanner is a useful Android application. It may be useful to scan travel documents, meeting papers or whiteboard content, receipts while on the go, and many other things.


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Tiny Scanner: Android Document Scanner

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