The “Next Big Thing” Started Smaller Than You Think

Stop trying to build BIG Things. Today’s startup successes start small and iterate to fill user need.

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Jul 14, 2014 · 4 min read

“The Next BIG Thing” is the wrong way to think about software startups.

Over the years the idea of “The Next Big Thing” has burned itself into the thinking of entrepreneurs. Want to sell a lot of SUVs? Just give it a bigger engine, give it a bigger list of features, make it bigger.

Skyscrapers vs. Web & Mobile Apps

I worked for a small startup in 2007. It had a great underlying product idea, but the founder, a former skyscraper architect, wasn't willing to let users see the product until it was “done.” Because of this, the company eventually ran out of cash without ever launching. It never got “finished,” so it was never released.

You're building something that will NEVER be finished.

The key is to release a MVP with a focused “product hook,” a viable distribution plan, and then to test and iterate often. Start somewhere acceptable and improve. By doing this your product can grow alongside your users’ needs rather than at the whim of a sales manager trying to fill a PowerPoint slide.

Build the “Next SMALL Thing”

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