Beautiful red rose

My life was complete,
But now it’s not.
I lost it all, because I fought.
She made me alive.
Now I am dead.

I’m lying here,
Crying in my bed.
Life is worthless.
And Why should I try?

All I want to do
Is lie here and die.
It has only been Six days,
But that is all I need

To get a last chance.
One last chance
To turn it around,
Hoping she won’t turn me down.

All I want to do
Is hold her tight
and always be there for her day and night.

That once and for all
I can make her happy
Instead of feeling all shitty,
And Making life crappy.

I’m sorry for what I have done.
This is coming from my heart.

I’m just asking
For a brand new start,
For you are my life.
Without you I am nothing
So give it one last chance,
And I will make it into something.

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