Think Big, Start Small.

I have been observing the trend of small businesses in Uganda that never make it to see a big buck. These are some of the reasons why our entrepreneurial culture is booming in Africa but with only a handful of breaking out of the startup bubble.

Playing startup forever
You may start small as a startup but if you keep on thinking that you’re one forever, you night never grow out of that bubble. Advance your mindset as you advance your business and soon, you just might see a lot more growth.

At times, some entrepreneurs running not only small but also medium companies fail to delegate roles to staff. They want to practically manage all clients, approve every operation and be in charge of everything to the extent that even when they travel, nothing goes on at work. Its like a public holiday. Does Bill Gates have to approve every decision in every Microsoft branch allover the world?
The word is “Delegation”. Delegate duties and responsibilities.

If you can’t perceive it,you won’t achieve it. Your business will go where you want it to go and will grow as big as you want it to grow. All this is on condition that you have the right vision in mind for it and you have a game plan on how you want to achieve it.

And lastly, Action
Do what you have to do to grow your business and with all the above put in mind, you will definitely have a better chance at growth and success.