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Mutant Ape Wives NFT
2 min readFeb 14, 2022


Our Story… How it All Started…

Jan. 2nd 2021 We were nearly taken by a rug pull. This is our story on how we fought back & the community took over from the original Developers.

Everything started as typical NFT Projects Starts. 10,000 pieces of NFT Artwork, impressive Road Map, standard Whitelist process, active Discord with friendly chat, public ETH Contract, early Artwork sneak peaks, even a Mutant Ape Yacht Club giveaway.

As the community moved from early Pre-Sale to Public Sale & Minting, some issues came about that started to seem suspicious to those involved. The MAYC that the Developers purchased as a promotional giveaway was awarded to a new user and then traced back to the Developers wallet. There was immediately suspicion of bad characters within the Developers team. Those community members were immediately removed from the discord by the original Developers team.

Pre-Sale began on December 20th but because the pre-sale minted less than 2,200 pieces, the Developers recommended burning the artwork to 3,333 pieces. Some in the community agreed but most offered other suggestions on the best way to use the remaining art. They decided to burn. This was after Pre-Sale and before Public Sale.

Public Sale then had less than 600 minted. Sales were dismal, the bad character Developers Team, were noticeably shaken and their presence dwindled quickly. Only a single moderator remained. He quickly pivoted to everyone taking the Christmas holiday to be with family and the community agreed it was acceptable.

Then, two days of silence. The community in the discord started to be concerned and rightfully so. Over the next day, members of the community were able to secure a chat with the Developers and began negotiations to take the project back to the community. Through the early hours of Saturday into Sunday, the team of @nftgeeks @bluechimpz @kronickatz were able to negotiate with the Developers Team and take control of most of the project. We got the contract! No Royalties would be paid to the old Developers. Most important, we were not deleted!

Now, the MAW community has the keys, contract, twitter and we’re still on Opensea… What do we do now?!

We decided to spread this message. The message of the #MawMovement. We are here to spread a message. We the want to share our story with the #NFTCommunity. Come be part of a NFT Project where our success is driven by the pursuit of stopping scams through education in the #NFTSpace.



Mutant Ape Wives NFT

Divorced… and they are certainly not desperate. More like abandoned by their owners and left to fend for themselves.