Doing What We Love…and Doing Things a Little Differently

We’re proud to announce the launch of Mutant Unicorn, a new type of creative agency specializing in startups and digital creative.

We started Mutant Unicorn because we wanted to focus on what we love — building great brands and products. Together we build end-to-end solutions, “soup to nuts,” and it’s what we’re most passionate about. We’re a proven team of designers, developers, and strategists that respect and admire each other’s work and really enjoy collaborating together. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we believe in pushing limits and making an emotional connection.

We also started this agency because we wanted to do things differently. Early-stage brands have unique challenges. Agility is critical — you need a partner with experience but that is also looking out for your long-term success. We’re more interested in making long-term customers than in this month’s billable hours.

Agencies working with startups can’t just create beautiful content — they need to be laser-focused on results. We test, iterate, and test again, while leaving our ego at the door, because in the end the best solution is the one that performs. If we have to throw it all out and start over, so be it. We have to tell great stories and give the audience an emotional connection, a reason to care, or we haven’t done our job.

We’re only going to work with a handful of clients at a time so we can be fully immersed and completely hands-on. We have the experience to help navigate the volatile early waters, the foresight to keep a 10,000 foot-view and focus on the goal, and the creative courage to make a real impact for our partners with our work.

Thanks for listening. We’re eager to show you what we can do — let’s make something unpredictable and legendary together.

Come check us out at -

- MU Team

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