© Mutasim Billah

Sometimes a ‘Hey!’ Can Be Heaven

I didn’t know where to start, it hadn’t yet begun.
Everything begins at nothing
I looked for words, found none.

“Nothing ends with no beginning.”
A loud silence, I could hear it ringing.
On hindsight, I had overthought.
It was you! How could I not?
My mind was blank the whole evening.

My heart was full. I had to know.
Curious, I couldn’t reason.
Unaware of everything
I was half-blinded in tunnel vision.

As we exchanged our very first words,
I had let myself into your world,
It happened, there was no undoing.
In a heartbeat, our tale unfurled.

Sometimes a ‘Hey!’ can be heaven — 
Something that I didn’t know then.
Someone had to show me how it was all meant to work out.
From solitude to soul being found, it all began was just one sound.

It feels fulfilling to be reminiscing
On a day when nothing’s missing,
Looking back at that day when
You said ‘Hey!’ — I found my heaven.

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