The year is 2012, at I was working as web developer and learning android in my spare time, planing to become mobile developer but one day I read a fantastic article that totally change my mind: The Making of Fastbook: An HTML5 Love Story. That was the day I left Android and decided to work only on the web platform.

4 years later, so many things changed, nowadays we have hundred of browser API’s that can use to make web apps better, however I still asking myself why people continue to create and maintain native apps ( don’t get me wrong, there are some cases where native is preferred but in general I don’t see any benefits ).

List of some pros:

Some interesting Web APIs:

That is small list, however it makes me so excited about future on the web. I do not want to live in world where everything is native ( basically we all did it ~2000 when we had to install every program to hdd ).

In 2017+ everything should be one click away.

web developer obsessed by making web better ( focused on web perf and a11y )

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