Introducing the TokenPesa Network Initial Exchange Offering

Vincent Muthee

The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is a fundraising model where startups issue their project tokens on ‘Launchpads’ run by top crypto exchanges. The TDAT IEO will be hosted on the IDAX Aurora Launchpad.

TokenPesa Network
TokenPesa Network is a hybrid DeFi (decentralized finance) project that incorporates:
1. Wrapped KSH – a Multi-Agent Kenya Shilling stablecoin
2. TokenPesa DAO – a resilient decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)
3. PesaDEX – a hybrid decentralized exchange that swaps WKSH against multiple ERC20 tokens

TokenPesa DAO sits at the very core of the ecosystem by enabling decentralized WKSH governance and distribution through network agents. It’s a resilient DAO built on the DAOstack operating system with the TokenPesa DAO Token (TDAT) as the DAO native token.

TokenPesa IEO

TokenPesa DAO Token (TDAT) will be listed on IDAX Aurora on October 24, 2019. TDAT tokens amounting to 57% of the total supply will be offered during the IEO.

TDAT Tokenomics
Total Supply = 42,000,000 TDAT
Bounty & Rewards = 1,000,000 TDAT
DAO Incentives = 10,000,000 TDAT
Company = 4,000,000 TDAT
Founders = 2,000,000 TDAT
Advisors = 1,000,000 TDAT

Available during IEO = 24,000,000 TDAT

Following the TDAT token listing, it’ll be available for trading; 1 TDAT @ $0.075

Initial TokenPesaDAO Reputation Distribution

However, to fully harness the novel DAOstack reputation-based blockchain governance system, TokenPesa DAO also implements reputation points utilized in proposal voting.

The initial TokenPesa DAO reputation (TDAT Reputation) will be given to TDAT holders with 2,000 TDAT or more. We’ll take the TDAT token holders screenshot at (12th December 2019, 12pm GMT+3).

Please see article below for more details on the reputation distribution event

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